Primary Research & Surveys in India

"Find insights that matter with customized primary market research solutions"

What we can do for You ?

Our research experts understand your primary research/ market research requirements and design custom survey/ questionnaire.

Our experienced field/ online researchers collect high quality data using standard data collection methods and techniques.

Our research team uses cutting edge technology and data analysis techniques to bring out insights and present them to our clients.

Primary Research, Market Research


Feasibility Study

A feasibility study is an analysis of how successfully a project can be completed, keeping in view the factors that affect it, such as technological, economic and legal factors. Investors (PE/VC’s & Angels) and company Owners/ Founders use feasibility studies and analysis to determine positive or negative outcomes of a business/ project before investing their precious time and money.

Expert researchers of Alphoenix Research are capable of providing feasibility analysis for start-up business ideas, and for established companies which usually need such a service at the time of starting a new project, entering new market or launching new product range.

Feasibility Study, Initial Research

Market Entry Research

A market entry strategy is the method in which a corporate enters a new market or geography to expand its customer base. To enter any new market one needs to perform thorough market study and our research experts help companies by providing insights about the new geography or market they are entering. Knowhow of following information is crucial in market entry research: type of industry, agility of the products, culture of the new market, costs associated with entering a new market, local and international laws of importation and exportation. Also, some of the most common strategies for market entry include exporting, licensing, franchising, partnering, joint ventures, key projects and investments/ funding.

Market Entry Research; Product, Brand or Company launch in new Markets or Geographies

Consumer/ Buyer Perspective

It is highly important for all consumer driven and product based companies to know behavior of their consumers, their purchase/ buying considerations, favorite brands, brand loyalty and buying channels they choose.

The consumer and product insights from Alphoenix Research enable companies to align their marketing mix with the consumer behavior.

Consumer/ Buyer Perspective
Questionnaire Building & Survey Design

Questionnaire building is the pivotal aspect of primary market research. Questions should be to the point and easy to comprehend. It should be organized in such a manner that respondents could easily fill them without much hassle.

Expert researchers of Alphoenix Research are capable of creating questionnaires that will get you the answers you need to make better decisions. Some of the classic B2B and B2C surveys include customer satisfaction surveys, employee satisfaction surveys, healthcare surveys, marketing surveys, consumer review surveys, market research surveys, event planning surveys and online research surveys.

Questionnaire Building, Survey Design

Data Analysis (using Excel or SPSS)

After completion of the survey, data is gathered and compiled. The raw data is thoroughly analyzed using statistical tools available on MS Excel or SPSS.

Our research experts are capable of performing statistical analysis on the data and take out meaningful information and insights. After the data analysis is done, the insights are presented in the form of tables and charts and interpretation is written. At last, depending upon the results of data analysis, conclusion and recommendations are drawn and presented to the client for final decision making.

Data Analysis, SPSS, Excel, Charts & Tables, Interpretations